Take the Plunge How to dive into vendor management and enjoy it

Episode 51 May 01, 2023 00:08:02
Take the Plunge How to dive into vendor management and enjoy it
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Take the Plunge How to dive into vendor management and enjoy it

May 01 2023 | 00:08:02


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Eddie Arrieta

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Camila Amici reviews Carmen Cisneros’ Take the Plunge — How to Dive into Vendor Management and Enjoy It, and had more than a few flashbacks to the year 2016.

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Like me, many people in small-size companies have begun working as a vendor manager (VM) in recent years. In the past, this role was often seen as a sort of side-position, a function that came to replace or integrate something else, and that perfectly suited a part-time position. However, after several years as a VM, I totally agree with one of the first messages that Cisneros aims to spread with her book: Vendor management is actually a crucial function for every translation company.

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