LocWorld50 - Interview with Spence Green of Lilt

Episode 105 October 20, 2023 00:10:14
LocWorld50 - Interview with Spence Green of Lilt
Localization Today
LocWorld50 - Interview with Spence Green of Lilt

Oct 20 2023 | 00:10:14


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Eddie Arrieta

Show Notes

In this captivating interview from LocWorld, join Spence Green, the founder of Lilt, as he delves into the company’s trailblazing journey in the world of localization and artificial intelligence (AI). From their early days — making waves with a unique stance on AI's role in localization — to their recent accolade in the Forbes AI 50, Lilt’s story is nothing short of inspirational. But what does the future hold? Tune in to find out!

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